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  1. Akionux ('s status on Sunday, 17-Apr-2016 02:46:53 JST Akionux Akionux
    After changing my avatar, I got an 500 error while getting friends_timeline.json. My error_log said PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 3096 bytes) in /var/lib/gnusocial/lib/imagefile.php on line 318
    the code around line 318 is if ($this->rotate != 0) {             $image_src = imagerotate($image_src, $this->rotate, 0);         }
    following @nbd 's solution worked for this case.
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    1. Tue Feb 23 20:24:31 +0000 2016 (Qvitter)
      i THINK i just fixed the thing where png files would fail to upload on gnusocial (for my instance at least)
      but i did just write code in prod so let me know if anything catches fire/explodes/starts to emit toxic levels of radiation/acts like php more than usual

      if anyone else is having this issue, change the } on line 115 in lib/imagefile.php (should be under a comment saying "// If we ever write this back, Orientation should be set to '1'") to this